Mad Dog Killer (1977) watch online


Directed by: Sergio Grieco
Actors: Helmut Berger, Marisa Mell, Richard Harrison
Language: English
Country:  Italy

Also known as: Mad Dog, Der Wilde, Ferocious Beast with a Gun, The Human Beast, La belva col mitra, Ultime violence, Beast with a Gun

Description:  Dangerous gangster and his accomplices make their escape from prison and begin to take revenge on those who betrayed them. The first thing they deal with a police informant, and then the leader of the gang pays a visit to his girlfriend…

The last film in the directorial career of Sergio Greco, made in the genre of eurocrime, came a classic example of the genre, the film in the best tradition of crime films Umberto Lenzi.

Beast with a gun — picture of stylish and tough, dynamic and spectacular with all provisions of the criminal genre attributes. Poliziotteschi classics. Recommendations.

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