Mamas Dirty Girls (1974) watch online


Directed by: John Hayes
Stars: Gloria Grahame, Paul Lambert, Sondra Currie
Language: English
Country: Usa

DescriptionMama loves men, but she loves money even more. She’s trained her three teenager daughters to meet, marry and murder men for their money. But soon the meet Harold and he got other plans.

Ahaa, the perfect example of exploitation. The first shot you see is nudity from Candice Rialson, famous from ‘Pets’ another exploitation from 1974. She surely is know for her exploitation appearances and for her beauty. She sadly died in 2006 of a liver disease. Gloria Grahame, is another famous name and past away in 1981 from cancer. Her last flick being a horror, The Nesting (1984). the story line is very simple and sometimes it keeps you wondering how stupid some things are. But it’s exploitation in its purest way, nudity and a lot of it, car chasing, teasing, seduction. It’s low on blood, but is still watchable. If you’re into 42nd sleaze, wacth it.

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