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Director: N/A
 Orita De Chadwick, Rick Helm, Hal Nosek
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Also known as: School for Dead Girls

Description: Porn vet Orita de Chadwick plays Mrs. Wellington, the blonde headmistress of a private school for girls, catering to mess-ups from wealthy families as a high-priced alternative to reform school. Opening has her sitting down to supper with 6 of her charges, as the uncredited director uses “go in & out of focus” to intercut two sets of lesbian scenes involving student Oko with two of her schoolmates.

Minimal plot has her son Peter, with whom she is carrying on an incestuous relationship, having sex with the girls against mom’s wishes. After several of these trysts, the girl is killed, one rather graphically in an extended (intentionally distasteful) scene of suffocation by a plastic bag over her head. A new girl, Suzanne, arrives and gets spanked by Mrs. Wellington prior to the headmistress making love to her. A suspicious looking handyman outside is shown from time to time to keep the pot boiling.

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