Marie, the Doll aka Marie-Poupee (1976) watch online


Directed by: Joël Séria
Stars:  Jeanne Goupil, André Dussollier, Andréa Ferréol
Language: French | Subtitles: English
Country: France

Also known as: Marie-poupée

DescriptionMarie is a 17-year old who was orphaned as a young girl. as a result, she has a tad of arrested development that makes her act much younger than her age. One day she looks in a store window displaying various dolls. Claude the affluent store owner, sees her and becomes infatuated which leads to her and him meeting and deciding to go and take a look at Claude personal doll collection at his house. Marie unaware of Claude unhealthy obsession with dolls, decides to marry him.

What a weird french drama which I was not prepared for. Very unusual, oscillating between comedy and drama and finishing as a surprising tragedy. The ending reminds me a Twilight Zone episode, I don’t remember which one. A film about fetishist Dussolier married to a sort of baby doll. A girl whom he is in love with only because her resemblance to a doll. Our male lead is a doll collector himself…

Good acting, not run of the mill as we could expect from a french comedy from the mid seventies. The director Joel Seria made interesting movies, good french stuff.

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