Me a Groupie AKA Ich ein Groupie (1970) watch online


Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich and Jack Hill
Actors: Ingrid Steeger, Rolf Eden, Vivian Weiss, Li Paelz and Terry Mason
Language: English
Country: West Germany | Switzerland

Also known as: “Ich, ein Groupie”, Higher and Higher, Arzularin ötesinde, Das Mädchen mit dem Einwegticket, Jag – en groupie, Je suis une groupie, Jûshoku rangyô, Koritsia dipsasmena gia krevvati

Description: Groupie – a girl accompanying bands and musicians performing a whim. Vicki and her friend, liberated blonde dream of becoming groups and romp along with various singers in Germany and Switzerland, at the same time participate in the collective erotic and freaky orgies. Throughout the film, the mood prevails hippie 60s. Drug craze, unfortunately, does not go to them without a trace. In the film, a lot of nude scenes, group sex, and use of soft drugs, and of course a lot of rock music.

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