Monique (1969) watch online


Directed by: John Bown
Actors: Sibylla Kay, David Sumner and Joan Alcorn
Language: English
Country: UK

Also known as: Au-pair pigen Monique

Description:Bill is your average British husband and father. Well, he is a bit of a perv,and he also exhibits a proclivity for wearing sunglasses in bed while reading.He’s married to Jean, and with the longevity of their marriage, the lust seemsto be wanning. After all, they have kids to raise, sunglasses to wear, and theusual hustle and bustle of everyday life. When their French (and red-headed) aupair Monique arrives, not only are the kids excited, but so are the couple’sgenitals. Tensions mount, as does Bill, and before you know it not only has heboinked Monique, but Monique has in turn given up the chups (and chup-delved herself) into der groin of Jean. I guess Bill never heard the caveat about sex with 2 women being a chance to leave 2 women disappointed, but what can ya do?

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