Monkey Grip (1982) watch online

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Directed by: Ken Cameron
Stars: Noni Hazlehurst, Colin Friels, Alice Garner
Language: English
Country: Australia

DescriptionA frank portrayal of a year in the life of a divorced mother living in Melbourne, trying to cope with her daughter and her own relationship with a drug addict while trying to get into the music business.

This is a very interesting film. It is taken from a novel that won a prestigious prize. Can I admit that I really enjoyed this film, while admitting that nothing really happens? There are no car chases, or gun-fights. I don’t even think I remember any fist-fights. Nora and her daughter meet and interact with interesting, intelligent, troubled people in Australia in the seventies.

Nora is under-employed in the alternative music business. Her main squeeze (Colin Friels) is under-employed as a sometime actor in small theatre. She shares a number of households with other single parents. She tries to raise her kid, and still have some self-fulfilment.

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