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Directed by: Leonard Kirtman
Stars: Desiree Lane, Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer, Dorothy Onan, Beverly Bliss, Ebony Clark
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: Starred Crystal Breeze (billed as Crystal Bliss in the beginning and Crystal Blue in the end), Karen Summers, Desiree Lane, and several others. I can’t seem to put a finger on any of the guys. One of them appears to have on a fake mustache…
Those slip dresses and heels and hose-garter combo were really sexy back then (I do recall drooling over gals both in high-school and college who dressed as such). They didn’t do the platform shoes like now, either, thank god. The film was made by Leon Gucci, who was always — as I recall — never into the gyno shots. And you will notice that here as there are very little pink shown. Indeed, the few times there are any insertion shots shown, one could easily suspect that it’s a stunt double for both the guy and the gal. Maybe it was stock footage that Leon had and spliced into the film.
There were dp’s (on Karen Summers) but the full-body shot doesn’t look like a real dp and the gyno shot doesn’t look like the parts belonged to Karen et al. Crystal was very good in the film. She did do guys, as well as women, so for those who want to see Crystal doing guys, these archives are you best bet.
The film ends with the standard Gucci orgy scene. One thing contemporarians might like about this film is the facials. The girls take it all, no dribbling back out, no dodging, no hold-my-breath-for-dear-gods, and such. Yeah, some of the spunk gets on the cheeks and jaw, but for the most part, whatever went in stayed in.
All in all, a good film to reminesce about the Golden Age.

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