Nene (1977) watch online


Directed by: Salvatore Samperi
Actors: Alberto Cancemi, Leonora Fani, Rita Savagnone
Language: Italian (English Subtitle)
Country: Italy

Also known as: Sweet Adolescents, Nene: Proto hadi… proti anatrihila

Description:First love is never forgotten. The action takes place in Catholic Italy 40s. This is the story of awakening the first sexual feelings of Ju, in love with his devoid of complexes cousin Nene. With the help of her Ju learns what sex is and finds answers to the deepest questions. Finally, he felt himself a man, but when he finds him in the company Nene and her lover mulatto, it takes quite a different turn…

Italy, 1948. Just three years ago the war ended, most people live in poverty and difficult, pre-war time is like a «Golden age»in which you will want to return from the poverty… Entourage movie Salvatore Samperi forces to recollect the works of the Italian neo-whose creative heritage he shamelessly exploited in Sweet Adolescents. But the movie, he removes not about the poor in Italy, and not the notorious «simple man. He is interested in the process of maturing, point, after which the little man is parting with childhood – irrevocably. And now, this moment, this kind of «intermediate» death he tries to catch the lens and dry decomposed… But it turns out. And thank the gods! Stop a moment’s impossible, you cannot remain a child forever. And the film is not subservient to its Creator, breaking away from his hands, refusing to answer the questions posed and living its own life. As it should be with a good movie.

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