Night of the Cobra Woman (1972) watch online


Directed by: Andrew Meyer
Stars: Joy Bang, Marlene Clark, Roger Garrett
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as : Movini’s Venom

Description: During World-War II, a nurse is bitten by a cobra in a cave. She survives, and is blessed with eternal life, beauty, and a highly lethal sexual prowess. She cohabitates in the cave with the cobra(which she has named “Movini”), and utilizes its powerful venom for all sorts of surprising practicalities…as a healing agent, fertilizer, nail polish remover, etc.

Flash to modern times(1972)…pretty, young Joy Bang(fetching ingĂ©nue of many films of this type during the 70s)is a UNICEF researcher working to develop antivenoms. She hears about the reclusive snake-lady, and naturally goes snooping around her cave. Things heat up when Ms. Bang’s pet eagle(!) kills Movini, and her boyfriend becomes the serpentine seductress’s new “boy toy”. All hell proceeds to break loose in a rather insouciant and formulaic fashion.

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