Night of the Hunted (1980) watch sexploitation


Directed by: Jean Rollin
Actors: Brigitte Lahaie, Vincent Gardère and Dominique Journet
Language: French (English subs)
Country: France

Also known as: La nuit des traquées, Ragazza in amore

Description: One night on the road, Robert picked up the chase fleeing girl. She suffered from a complete loss of memory and only remembers her name – Elizabeth. On the same day she returned to the clinic, where lived the same poor patients, forgetting even the number of his house, barely once went outside from it. A quiet night crazies start to feel fear, and under its influence were willing to do very terrible things. Unable to endure this, 2 girls dare to escape from the hospital. If you liked this movie then I am sure you will love Fascination (1979) too.

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