Nightmare Weekend (1986) watch uncut


Directed by: Henri Sala
Actors:  Debbie Laster, Dale Midkiff, Debra Hunter
Language: English
Country: UK | USA | France

Also known as: Pesadelo no Fim-de-Semana, Koszmarny weekend, Programmiert zum Töten, Pesadelo no Fim-de-Semana

Description: Professor Bracken invents a machine that could control the minds of living beings, by changing their behavior and character. Test it on humans in no hurry to break, but it has an ambitious assistant who decides to invite a professor giving three students and secretly carry out the first tests on them.

Review: That’s a snippet of choice discussion delivered by the evil, ballbusting lady associate of a popular scientist to her prim maid just before she lures three incredibly stupid university women to a mansion for behavior modification experiments. At the same time, at the neighborhood bar, people dance and drink to lame 80s rock songs. A biker punk has sex with a period slut on a pinball table in front side of an audience of men and women, then attempts to rape the scientist’s virginal daughter Jessica (Debra Hunter), who is within love with another biker (Dale Midkiff, from PET SEMATARY), who, in turn, is within cohorts with the associate! Right back at the house, the sorority bimbos swim, shower, change clothing and have sex with guys from the club. A tiny silver ball (part of the experiment) flies into victims mouths and turns them into drooling, killer zombies!

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