Nun Story : Frustration in Black (1980)


Directed by: Nobuaki Shirai
Actors: Rie Akagi, Masato Furuoya and Yukie Ishii
Language: Japanese (English Subtitle)
Country: Japan

Also known as: Shûdôjo: Kokui no naka no uzuki

Description: After the mysterious death of her mother, Maya takes religious vows to find out what terrible things happened to her mother inside the Sacred Heart Convent. As soon as the door closes to the nunnery, the nuns start torturing her. She also has to deal with a lecherous archbishops and a lesbian mother superior.

Asian nunsploitation movies isn’t as known as Italian. Many items in this category include Norifumi Suzuki’s very fashionable “School of the Holy Beast“, Masaru Konuma’s “Cloistered Nun:Runa’s Confession“, Koyu Ohara’s “Sister Lucia’s Dishonor” and “Wet Rope Confession”, Hiroshi Mukai’s “Nun:Secret”,Nobuaki Shirai’s “Nun Story:Frustration in Black” and Mamoru Watanabe’s “Rope Of Hell: A Nun’s Story” and “Electric Bible:Sister Hunting”. “Nun Story:Frustration in Black” is a quite depraved and blasphemous Japanese nun flick. There is lots of love and beating on show and even two clips of nun violation. I have this Nikkatsu pinker in Japanese with no subtitles, so the story went totally above me,but as a fan of Japanese victimization I loved it. 8 out of 10.

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