Nurse Sherri (1978) watch online


Directed by: Al Adamson
Actors: Geoffrey Land, Jill Jacobson, Marilyn Joi, Katherine Pass and Prentiss Moulden
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Nurse Sherri, Beyond the Living, Black Voodoo, Hands of Death, Hospital of Terror, Killer’s Curse, Terror Hospital

Description: Mysterious black sect engages in the ranks of the bloody followers of Satan inexperienced young souls. That’s the heroine of the film, kind and naive nurse caught in the clutches of the terrorists. Hospital shake the cruel and terrible murder…

Review: Subject demons become implanted in the human body , succubi and other such evil srodu in demand – both bikes and books , and , of course, in the film . Films about exorcism and so forth . photographed a great many, and among this set of today’s guest – “Sister Sherri ,” also known as ” Bloody nanny ” – not the tenant . All fairly dull nedoerotika forgotten , somehow masquerading as a horror movie.

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