Overdose of Degradation (1970) watch online


Directed by: Jerry Abrams
Actors: Anna Travers, Laurel Sommers, Larry Jaffe
Language: English
Country: USA

Description: This is Jennifer, Jenny usually.  We really don’t care about her last name.  She likes parks.  She also enjoyed being molested as a child.  All you hypocrites out there think she’s a pervert for liking parks.  You can’t tell her a park isn’t alive with sex.  And it’s not the park’s fault if it turns on other people too.  Okay, you get the point.  Oh, you don’t?  The point is the whole world digs sex. Dig?  I mean, it didn’t even bother her that he had another chick stashed in the closet, right?  Right.  What I don’t understand is all this violence business.  Like, if the guy only asked.  She still digs parks, though.  You understand, right?

How ’bout this: While at the park, Jenny has a flashback of being molested as a child.  She then has a flashback of a man biting her, and has fantasies about a girl and eating the bathroom counter.  Then, still at the park, she has a flashback of being  raped.  This scene seems to go on and on as she helplessly cries and the editor flashes to shots of rocks and streams (did I mention the flashbacks?).  A friend finds Jenny unconscious.  She takes Jenny home and molests her.   Jenny, still unconscious, has flashbacks of flashbacks, while having a flashback.  Jenny regains consciousness, beats her friend with a stick, then goes into the kitchen and cooks some eggs.  The end.

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