Sweet Georgia (1972) watch online


Directed by: Edward Boles Actors: Marsha Jordan, Barbara Mills, Gene Drew Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Le ranch des passions Country-Western Wildcats! Marsha Jordan – the first real star of Sexploitation – is Sweet Georgia, the sex-crazed nympho wife of rancher Big T. Unfortunately, because Big T is an ugly, abusive drunk, Georgia looks […]

The All-American Girl (1973) online movie


Directed by: Mark Haggard Actors: Peggy Church, Alan Abelew, Andy Mitchell, Paul Berry Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Danish Flowers, Sexvän sökes, Hur det gick för jungfrun, Kuinka teinitytön kävi? Description: Debbie’s boyfriend Bobby has left for Guatemala for three months and Debbie is expecting a boring summer. But then she hasn’t considered her neighbors […]

Sweet Trash (1970) watch online


Directed by: John Hayes Actors: William Conners, Mary McGee, Patrick Shea Language: English Country: USA Description: Down on his luck alcoholic longshoreman Michael Joseph Donovan finds himself in deep trouble after he racks up a huge debt to some vicious local mobsters. Donovan decides to go on the run, which only compounds the severity of […]

Joys of Jezebel (1970) watch online


< div class=”summary_text”> Satan lets Jezebel return to earth to deliver the soul of a blonde virgin named Rachel by taking over her body. However, Jezebel gets more than she bargained for. Director: Peter Perry Jr. (as A.P. Stootsberry) Writer: Maurice Smith (screenplay) Stars: Luanne Roberts, Christopher Stone, Johnny Rocco

Me a Groupie AKA Ich ein Groupie (1970) watch online


Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich and Jack Hill Actors: Ingrid Steeger, Rolf Eden, Vivian Weiss, Li Paelz and Terry Mason Language: English Country: West Germany | Switzerland Also known as: “Ich, ein Groupie”, Higher and Higher, Arzularin ötesinde, Das Mädchen mit dem Einwegticket, Jag – en groupie, Je suis une groupie, Jûshoku rangyô, Koritsia dipsasmena […]

Sexy Schoolteacher (1975) watch online


Directed by: Nando Cicero Actors: Edwige Fenech, Vittorio Caprioli, Alfredo Pea Language: English Country: Italy Also known as: L’insegnante; The School Teacher; A Mestra; Canim Benim; Die Bumsköpfe; I daskala tou erota; La prof donne des leçons particulières; La profesora enseñante; Pecado venial Description: A masterpiece of italian sexploitation with a young beautiful Edwige Fenech. It is […]

Flesh For Frankenstein (1973) watch online


Directed by:  Paul Morrissey, Antonio Margheriti Actors: Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier and Dalila Di Lazzaro Language: English Country: USA Also known as:  Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, Description: Baron Frankenstein is obsessed with the idea of world domination, for which of the materials which he had, he sculpts the “ideal” man and woman, subordinate only to his […]

Swingers Massacre aka Inside Amy (1974) watch online


Directed by: Ronald Víctor García Actors: Mikel Angel, Joyanne Mitchell and Gary Kent Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Swingers Massacre, Super Swinging Playmates Description: This thriller/drama follows a a suburban lawyer, down a ruinous, blood-covered road. The trouble begins when he tires of life in the slow lane and suggests that he and his wife […]

Flavia the Heretic (1974) online movie

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Directed by: Richard Griffin Actors: Florinda Bolkan, María Casares, Claudio Cassinelli, Anthony Higgins, Spiros Focás Language: English Country: Italy | France Also known as: Flavia la monaca musulmana, Flavia the Rebel Nun, Flavia, Priestess of Violence, The Muslim Nun Description: Southern Italy, the beginning of the thirteenth century. By the will of the powerful father freedom-loving […]

Sexy Sisters (1977) watch online movie


Directed by: Jesus Franco Actors: Karine Gambier, Pamela Stanford, Jack Taylor, Esther Moser Language: English Country: Switzerland Also known as: Die teuflischen Schwestern, The Devilish Sisters, Satanic Sisters Description: Countess Edna Luise Von Stein keeps her disturbed sister Milly prisoner. Confined to her bed, Milly suffers from a deep sexual trauma resulting from being raped […]

The Godson (1971) watch online


Year: 1971 Duration: 01:31:30 Directed by: William Rotsler Actors: Keith Erickson, Jane Allyson and Jason Yukon Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Blutjunge Mädchen – Hemmungslos Description: Most gangsters would be happy overseeing a house of hookers for the mob, but not Marco. The Godson of crime boss Leo Rocca (Keith Erickson who also played in Big Rape, […]

Trader Hornee (1970) watch online


Directed by: Jonathan Lucas Stars: Buddy Pantsari, Julie Conners, John Alderman Language: English Country: Usa Also known as: The Legend of the Golden Goddess, Legend of the Lost Goddess Description: A private detective journeys to Africa to find a legenday white gorilla. The gorilla turns out to be an escaped Nazi war […]

The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972) watch online


Directed by: Lee Raymond Actors: Laurie Rose, Rene Bond, Jane Tsentas, John Barnum Language: English Country: USA Also known as: La vie intime du Dr. Jekyll, Adventures of Dr. Jekyll Erotica, Thriller, thrash, turning the man into a woman, lesbian theme. One of thrash version of the famous novel about Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. […]

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976) watch online


Directed by:  Stephanie Rothman Actors: Victoria Vetri, Aimée Eccles, Solomon Sturges Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Toplu Sevisme, Matrimonio di gruppo Description: It seems like a match made in Exploitation Heaven: Roger Corman’s only female protege Stephanie Rothman (TERMINAL ISLAND, THE STUDENT NURSES, THE WORKING GIRLS) directing drive-in queen Claudia Jennings (GATOR BAIT, TRUCK STOP […]

The Class Reunion (1972) watch online


Directed by: Stephen C. Apostolof Actors: Marsha Jordan, Rene Bond and Terri Johnson Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Heißes Verlangen blutjunger Mädchen Description: “I’ve been in too many bathrooms lately.  How many bathrooms have you been in lately alone?”  Yes folks, what we have here is a soft-core fuck flick by Stephan Apostolof (A.C. […]

Gator Bait (1974) watch UNCUT

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Directed by: Beverly Sebastian, Ferd Sebastian Actors: Claudia Jennings, Sam Gilman, Douglas Dirkson, Clyde Ventura, Bill Thurman Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Hetzjagd im Sumpf, I agriogata, Blodhævn, Alligaattoriansa Description: Desiree lives deep in the swamp and supports herself and her siblings by poaching. Ben and deputy Billy […]

Jailbirds (1978) watch online


Year: 1978 Duration: 01:28:37 Directed by: Giovanni Brusadori Actors: Lilli Carati, Ines Pellegrini,  Marina Daunia, Zora Kerova, Ada Pometti, Filippo De Gara Language: Italian (English Sub) Country: Italy Also known as: Le evase – Storie di sesso e di violenze, Jailbirds, Women Against Women, Violez les otages! , a Tale of Sex and Violence, Escape from Women’s Prison […]