Paris Killers (1974) watch online


Directed by: Ting Hung Kuo, Godfrey Ho
Stars: Danielle Altenburger, Gilda Arancio, Michel Bonnin
Language: English
Country: France, Hong Kong

Also known as: Ba Li sha shou

DescriptionTwo young gangsters who go to Paris to get big shots. Hard action, bloody fights and sex make this a special, co- directed by Godfrey Ho.

Some of the more unusual kung fu movies are those Hong Kong productions that set their action abroad in various locales that must have seemed exotic to Chinese audiences. This one has the usual heroes running afoul of some nasty gangsters, causing them to flee to Paris where their pursuers catch up with them.

What follows is a low rent but action-packed vehicle full of half-naked western women, lots of vehicle chases, and some brief but fun action bits.

The cast is generally undistinguished aside from a couple of pre-stardom bits for Dean Shek and Lee Hoi San, and the director is none other than Godfrey Ho, years before he became infamous.

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