Pensione Paura (1977) watch uncut


Directed by: Francesco Barilli
Actors: Luc Merenda, Leonora Fani, Francisco Rabal
Language: Italian(English subtitles)
Country: Spain – Italy

Also known as: La violación de la señorita Julia

Description:Stunning cinema, does not recognise any rules, bold, select the shortest path, and every time capable to surprise and astonish. Questions what and why are minor things happening on the screen simply knock you out of the usual perception of reality. Visually the film is made on the highest level, eyes and stand still before by some frames, but with the music of giallo I have an old Roman.

The emotional impact that Pensione paura has a suggests that depth. Film like no other helps to freely look at an archetypal story that unfolds before the audience. For me, he became the key to the «Dressed for murder» De Palma and «Disgust» Polanski, although the first Association with «Malepiurty» by  Kyumely.

Review: During the Second World War in a certain pensione in Italy gathered all sorts of garbage horrors of war. Here and deserter , who betrayed his unit who were shot , and here the young rascal gigolo (played by Luc Merenda ) with its rich , but not young mistress ; criminals , whores , one of the workers lost his family , which clearly affected his psyche.
Landlady and her daughter twenty years struggling to cope , almost no food , and the local shopkeeper gives the food is not for nothing … The girl desperately waiting for his father , who had gone to the front , and there is no news of him . Soon the mother dies after falling from a ladder that apparently no accident. The girl goes all the board and its inhabitants begin to host and create anything …

Here Barilli focuses on the defenseless girl Rose, ignorant of the horrors of war, and about the people that surround her . Fear fills it , these dark rooms , the roar of planes , crazy guests … and it is an enormous transformation , innocent child turns into a completely different person . Calculating , greedy , able to kill … Directed coped well with the atmosphere , filling it with dark tones , the windows closed , angry looks. Brilliantly chosen music : Pumping suspense , as if it acts on the subconscious , pulling into the dark depths of the soul unhappy Roses .

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