Pick-up (1975) watch online


Directed by:  Bernard Hirschenson
Actors: Jill Senter, Alan Long and Gini Eastwood
Language: English
Country: USA

Description: Chuck, who is driving a bus trailer  from one state to another, picks up two hitchhikers girls: carefree slut Carol and religious fanatic Maureen. When it appears that the main road is blocked due to repair works, Chuck has to turn to the back roads. Due to heavy rain and smoked marijuana with the girls, he loses orientation in the field, and the bus is finally stuck in the middle of a Florida swamp.

Review: Director Bernard Hirschenson tells his story with sparse dialog, mostly organic soundscapes and incredible cinematography. The result is a trippy, meditative, and almost transcendental film about the destruction of the love movement by conservative values (i.e. government, religion, and social beliefs). In a modern spin on the Garden of Eden story, 3 hippies find themselves in the utopian Everglades. Able to see and enjoy the beauty in their enviorment, the group soon has their beliefs challenged in confrontations that become increasingly surreal.

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