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Directed by: Ole Ege
Stars: Kenny Drew, Ilse Damsgaard, Dexter Gordon, Bent Rohweder, Erik Sørensen, Bodil Joensen
Language: No Dialouge !
Country: Denmark  | Imdb Info

Also known as: Pornografi – en musical

Description: The following movie from 1971 “Pornography” was the first x-rated “musical” to be premiered in Danish cinemas. The title is quite misleading. Other than the cool soundtrack by jazz great Dexter Gordon there is nothing very musical about it. It features 10 hard and softcore short films by photographer and director Ole Ege, shot before and after the liberalization of pornography in 1968-69.
Including such silent Ole Ege gems as:
The Dream Girl (1966)
Harem, Spanking (1970)
The Pornmodel Ilse (1969)
The American Girl (1970)
The Jolly Shave (1964)
Crazy Strip (1966)
Three Lively Girls (1964)
Group Sex (1969)
Springtime in Tivoli (1969)
All the shorts were shot when porn was illegal so there’s an added naughtiness to the proceedings. One thing that’s constant about Ege’s short-films is that none are at all completely tasteless and it’s apparent with his craftsmanship that Ege’s as much an artist as he is a pornographer.

BONUS : Bodil Joensen: A Summerday July, 1970 (1970) (Bestiality) (Click to See)

A Summer Day (1970) is a documentary film by Shinkichi Tajiri. Its subject is Bodil Joensen (1944 – 1985), a young Danish woman who lived with her animals on her farm during this era, including their care, her affection for them, and her sexual life, to the tune of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (the film itself is silent).
At the time, she lived with “two rabbits, seven dogs, a dozen pigs, some cats, a guinea pig, a mare and a beautiful black stallion named Dreamlight” said Shinkichi Tajiri. He commented later that she seemed a very open warm hearted person “very at home with nature” and that “when she plays her erotic game with the dog or horse, it is not only a sexual curiosity, it is an erotic play with animals she loves and who are devoted to her.”

The film was the surprising winner of the Grand Prize for the Dutch X rated Wet Dream Film Festival at which it premiered, winning Joensen immediate underground celebrity status and drawing attention from other documentary makers as well as tourists towards her expanding farm. She became for a short time, a social and political icon of free love and unity with nature among the left.
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