Prom Night (1980) watch online


Directed by: Paul Lynch
Actors: Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Casey Stevens and Anne-Marie Martin
Language: English
Country: Canada

Also known as: A Morte Convida para Dançar, A Noite Fatal, Blodig midnatt, Sfagi sto kolegio

Description: I grew up on these films in my teenage years, but my memories of them are of shitty p&s VHS copies, though i did manage to see nearly every slasher flick at my local cinema (i was tall for my age). It needed a Savini to up the haemoglobin quota.

The accidental death of Robin Anne Hammond sets a series of revenge murders in motion six years later. The accused murderer escapes just in time for the prom and all of the students are fair game. Can the killer be stopped? Download this slasher to find out.

Review: For 1980, the idea of ​​the youth slasher was in his own original. Five children were playing hide and seek in an abandoned house, and as a result of the accident, one girl fell out of the window to her death. The other children, fearing potential liability, collectively decided not to tell no one. And six years later, when the boys grew up to graduate, the day before the prom each of them received an ominous phone call …

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