Psychos in Love (1987) watch online


Directed by: Gorman Bechard
Actors: Carmine Capobianco, Patti Chambers, Carla Bragoli
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: ai ren bu yao sha wo

Description: “Psychos in Love” is the black comedy of all that I have seen. A lot of humor, a lot of blood and dismemberment . In the film, about 20 murders committed by the first four for five or six minutes early . All are removed so that the studio ” Troma ” just resting – the rope around his neck, lowered pants, tangled in the legs of the victim , a close-up of a female face , a light touch to the body of the knife , shower, Hitchcock allusions … the first time I’ve seen that killed the victim pulled his eyebrow in frame. Trash as it is, the creators did not hide his orientation ” kin ” in front of all his “shortcomings” with admirable tenacity protrude them.

The plot of ” Psychos” is, and quite good for black comedy . Bartender Joe engaged at leisure murders of young women , met with a manicurist Kate, who as well as he is the serial killer. They move in together , doing things you love and feel just fine … At the other end of the city wielding plumber , cannibal , with a couple in love who will later meet …. From the description it would seem that it’s a wild crazy trash. Well the way it is ! But with all this, ” Love Psychopaths ” is a real black comedy . This, in my opinion, all of the most smooths the rough edges of the film …

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