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Directed by: Radley Metzger
Actors: Rebecca Brooke, Carl Parker and Marilyn Roberts
Language: English
Country: USA |  Imdb Info

Also known as: L’esclave; L’esclave du plaisir; The Mistress and the Slave; The Punishment of Anne

Description: Jean, returning to Paris after three years of residence abroad and went to the fancy parties, there met his old acquaintance Claire. But she was not alone, but accompanied by a young and attractive blonde Anna. Going after a boring party at a restaurant, Clair said Jean that Anna is her property … A week later, Jean and Claire met again and went for a walk in the botanical gardens of Paris, where Anna was forced to steal her first flower, and then urinate it in front of Jean. At this point the young man quietly became drawn into a strange relationship of two women, and soon Claire gave her slave in total submission to Jean, who did not resist, and gladly joined the public humiliation and beating of Anne. However, such a strange love triangle could not last forever, and one day the relationship of its members to each other have changed dramatically …

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