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Directed by:  Yannick Bellon
Stars: Nathalie Nell, Alain Fourès and Michèle Simonnet
Language:  French (English Subtitle)
Country: France | Imdb Info

Also known as:  L’amour violé, Saldiriya ugramis ask, Das Ende der Nacht, O Amor Violado

Description:  Nicole, nurse in Grenoble, is raped one night by four men. Deeply scarred, emotionally and physically, she thinks she will never recover from the trauma. Following a friend’s advice, she decides to file a lawsuit.

Review: Powerful feminist drama with nasty rape scene. story of a rape victim and her emotional ordeal after the crime.A beautiful nurse Nicole is dragged off her bike by four macho rapists and put into their van,taken to a remote shack and finally gang-raped and sodomized.The rape scene is particularly nasty and grueling to watch.After going through emotional torment Nicole decides to take legal action against the men.The main performance of Nathalie Nells is very convincing and believable. A must-see for the lovers of ambitious and hard-hitting cinema.

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