Savage Weekend (1979) watch uncut


Directed by: David Paulsen
Actors: Christopher Allport, Jim Doerr and David Gale
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: The Upstate Murders

Description: Group of friends goes on a weekend to the outskirts of New – York to see how to build ships, and at the same time relax and sunbathe. Gradually vacationers begin to die one by one at the hands of an unknown killer …

This is an awesome horror movie that does not receive the recognition it deserves. I also recommend that you also view the sequel, Not Another Savage Weekend, which was produced as an independent film in January, 1994. I have not seen this short film in a long time because it is very rare. It did develop a huge cult following amongst independent film fans and college campuses in the mid to late 1990s, but I have no idea where to obtain a copy today. I do know that it took place 20 years after the original Savage Weekend. It turned out that the lead character of “Mother” Nicky had not really died, but rather fell into some sort of coma. He awakens one day, not knowing that years have passed, and when he discovers that his friends have been murdered, he begins to search for the killer. He even visits a couple of bars.

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