Sesso nero (1980) watch uncut


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Directed by: Joe D’Amato
Stars: Mark Shannon, Annj Goren, George Eastman, Lola Burdan, Chantal Kubel, Lucia Ramirez
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English
Country:  Italy | IMDB Info

Also known as: Exotic Malice, Black Sex, Mavros erotismos, Orgasmo Nero III, Orgasmo nero III – Schwarze Haut auf weissem Sand, Sexo negro

Description: New York businessman Mark Lester is diagnosed with a hypertrophy of the prostate requiring surgery in two weeks according to his doctor. He does not to tell his wife, deciding to use the time to return to Santo Domingo, where 20 years ago he met Maira, the woman of his life. At the island airport, he is met by his old friend Jacques. While he is dreaming of his upcoming surgery in his room, he wakes up and has sex with hotel maid. Later he meets Lucia, whom Jacques rescued from prostitution when she was 15. In Jacques’ absence, he makes her performs oral sex on him to support them for opening their school. In the streets, Mark spots Maira. She addresses him, saying it was his return that makes her appearance possible. When Mark is forced to grope his groin in pain, she vanishes. At night, Mark meets his friend Voyakis, now owner of a successful nightclub. Watching the gay dancer and his female partner dance, he hallucinates her being Maira and experiences another fit of genital pain. Mark’s wife Liza arrives, she wants him to return with her for surgery.

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