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Directed by: Noribumi Suzuki
Stars: Reiko Ike, Akemi Negishi, Ryôko Ema, Christina Lindberg
Language:  Japanese | Subtitles: English
Country:   Japan |  Imdb Info 

Also known as:  Furyô anego den: Inoshika Ochô, Anego den, Elder Sister: Ochô Inoshika, Inoshika Ocho kalandjai 2.: Szex és düh, Ochô, Sex and Japan

Description: Reiko Ike stars as Ocho, a gambler and pickpocket in Meiji Era Tokyo. After sheltering a fleeing anarchist, Ocho runs into the three gangsters responsible for her father’s murder, and runs afoul of various yakuza who want her dead. A European spy, played by Christina Lindberg, arrives on the scene and complicates matters.,

A masterpiece of Japanese 70s sexploitation and a pinnacle film of the Japanese Pink Violence era and no doubt influential on a host of films which came after it.

This film is unique in so many ways.
** Reiko Ike is just gorgeous as Ocho, the Female Yakuza who not only kicks ass.. but kicks it while she’s totally nude as we see in the highlight fight scene of the film shot in and outside of a Haiku House in the snow. Sound familiar? Think Kill Bill.
** The characters are all slick and seedy, some seem to be taken right out of a comic book.
** The photography is well mastered.
** The fighting choreography is great, the scenes are ultra violent with blood spraying action and a bevy of erotic sex.

Recommended for any fan of Asian sexploitation and martial arts violence…

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