Sex of Angels (1968) watch online


Directed by: Ugo Liberatore
Stars: Bernard De Vries, Rosemary Dexter, Doris Kunstmann
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Il sesso degli angeli

Description: Four people (three women and a man) set off on a boat trip through the fjords of Yugoslavia. Two of the women are lesbian lovers. Influenced by LSD, the female passengers freely engage in nudity.

Director, Ugo Liberatore’s first film of only half a dozen or so and I have been meaning to watch his 1970 May Morning but its about bullying at oxford and I’ve been putting it off. This, however, is very much 1968 and has been quickly slipped into my ‘Acid Erotica’ list. Not that there is much skin on display here. The girls seem almost paranoid about revealing anything and are very careful how they slip their bikinis off and on. This is partly because the story seems to have them less than worldly and it seems very odd that whilst we have an LSD trip depicted (well, set up and the consequences thereof depicted) the girls do express real anxiety regarding loss of virginity. Almost the entire film takes place upon Daddy’s yacht and has been mentioned by another, is reminiscent of Top Sensation and Interrabang, two superior films. Pleasant enough and whether the girls were told to act and look at each other so strangely or thats just the way they are, I don’t know but it is rather unsettling at times.

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