Sex of the Witch aka Il Sesso Della Strega (1973) watch online


Directed by:  Angelo Pannacciò
Actors: Susanna Levi, Jessica Dublin and Sergio Ferrero
Language: Italian (English Subtitles)
Country: Italy

Also known as: Il sesso della strega; Anges pervers; Diestrammenoi angeloi; Sexes invertis

Description: The film kicks off inside a large, old castle belonging to the aristocratic Hilton family where the old family patriarch, Sir Thomas Hilton (Santo Simone), is on his deathbed. Gathered around him are a bunch of his young nieces and nephews, who have all come to be with their dear, old uncle in his final moments. Well, either that or to get their greedy hands on his large fortune. The old man finally draws his last breath, and all the nieces and nephews kiss their dead uncle goodbye. At the same time as Sir Thomas lies close to death, the estate’s two sex-hungry servants, Tony (Franco Garofalo) and Gloria (Marzia Damon), are going at it – unashamedly having sex on top of the coffin Sir Thomas is soon to be buried in. This tasteless scene sets the tone of the film early on – there is plenty of more sordid fun like this to follow…
Let’s take a look at the cousins – some of whom are fairly nondescript. There’s Susan (Pannacciò regular Susanna Levi), a pretty and sympathetic girl, who has a fondness for making erotic clay sculptures, and her boyfriend Edward (Augusto Nobile), who is also one of the nice cousins. Then there’s Ann (Camille Keaton), whose main concern appears to be cousin Johnny – yes, there are lots of couples among these cousins! Nath (Maurizio Tanfani) is Ann’s brother, who seems to have a rather unhealthy interest in his sister – frequently sending creepy, jealous gazes at Ann and Johnny as they go about kissing and having fun. There’s also the very beautiful Ingrid (Annamaria Tornello), who appears to be a somewhat mysterious girl. And finally there’s Lucy (Lorenza Guerrieri), a pretty but rather bitchy blonde, who is easily the greediest of the bunch. Lucy is appalled by the presence of Sir Thomas’ secretary Simon (Gianni Dei), who was also the uncle’s gay lover. She fumes with anger at the thought of Simon being included in Sir Thomas’s will.

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