Sexandroide (1987) watch online


Directed by: Michel Ricaud
Actors: N/A
Language: No Dialogue
Country: France

Also known as : Les Sexandroides, La Dagy de Les Sexandroides

“Sexandroide” is an extremely strange soft core porno/S&M horror which is literally splashed with gore.
It simply has to be seen to be believed.

Act 1 is an intriguing little number about a drunk broad at a bar. Someone doesn’t like this chick, because while she’s sitting and enjoying a few cocktails, a man that we never fully see is making a voodoo doll of our poor pub-patron. Home-girl obviously had one too many and goes to the bathroom to puke. At this point Unknown-Man starts “playing” with his voodoo doll. First he rips it’s clothes off – which is duplicated hilariously to our “heroine” in the bathroom. Next he stabs the doll in various places including her eyes, tits, and of course her vagina – which are all then interpreted physically to Drunk-Lady. He cuts the doll’s throat, burns it’s face, and hangs it – again, all which is then transferred to Drunk-Lady.

The second short which features a naked woman who suffers torture at the hands of zombie is a must-see for splatter fans. She has her nipples pierced and is gorily stabbed in one of her eyes resulting in gouging it out.

The third short is truly weird as it involves a naked vampire woman dancing near the coffin of the vampire to Tina Turner music.

So if you enjoy watching gore and nudity you can’t go wrong with this piece of ultra-weirdness.

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