Sexcapade in Mexico (1973) watch online


Directed by: William DeDiego
Actors: Cynthia Thornell, Steven Johnson and Shannon Cooper
Language: English
Country: USA

Traci (CYNTHIA THORNELL) is a bubblicious, love-struck teenager. She wants the house, the car, and the white picket fence. Instead, she gets a one way ticket to Hell in this lurid thriller geared for the raincoat crowd

The nuts and bolts of Sexcapade in Mexico revolve around Traci and her boyfriend, Mike (who resembles a homely David Cassidy). A late night grab-ass session lands the precocious teen in hot water with her angry mother who, for some reason, is dubbed with a Bela Lugosi accent. “Listen, you little sonnies, you’ll do as I say,” she screams at Traci during breakfast. Dad just smiles politely and tells Traci to “drink her juice.”

Traci doesn’t listen and she and Mike ride their bicycles to a secluded field for some sexual gymnastics. Meanwhile, Mommy Dearest is engaged in some extra-marital mayhem with her younger lover. Traci comes home early one day and discovers Mom smoking on her lover’s ham like a crackpipe. (Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!) Somehow sensing that her home life isn’t exactly what you would call a nurturing environment, Traci packs her belongings up and heads to Mexico for some south-of-the-border sleaze with Mike. After a few too many pitchers of Sangria, they decide to tie the knot.

The movie then shifts gears and turns malignant. While hitching, our lovebirds cross paths with a trio of evolutionary rejects. These guys would look right at home standing in a police line-up. There’s the hulking leader, Leonard, cackling Ed (who never shuts up), and Ross, a big rubber-faced vegetable with stink eye. The chuckleheads drive to a deserted cabin and beat Mike senseless. Traci is subjected to some grueling molestation while Mike is folded up like an accordion.

But the newlyweds eventually escape and Mike Morphs into Charles Bronson. It’s payback time! He crushes Ross’ skull with a large rock. Ed gets smoked next. He’s strangled to death with barbed wire. That leaves Leonard who gets the better of Mike. It looks like curtains for him until Traci (with screaming indignation) shoves a rusty knife between Leonard’s shoulder blades. The honeymoon is over. “I want to go home,” she sniffs.

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