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Directed by: José Bénazéraf
Stars: Willy Braque, Yves Duffaut, Annie Josse
Language: French | Subtitles: English
Country: France | Imdb Info

Also known as: La nuit la plus longue, Sixus, L’enfer dans la peau

Description: A beautiful heiress is kidnapped and held hostage until her wealthy father comes up with a ransom. The heiress develops an attraction to one of her kidnappers, but another member of the gang tries to rape her, leading to a deadly triangle.

This low-budget exercise in pure absurd style is probably Benazeraf’s signature work, the petulant gangster characters and eccentric editing having the feel of early Godard. As with the rest of his oeuvre, the film breaks out into wild erotic dances to free-form jazz which don’t really fit with the narrative, lending a surrealistic and devil-may-care beatnik aura. The Chet Baker score and the tight-fitting casual wear now make the milieu seem ultra-hip at the turn of the millennium. No wonder Radley Metzger picked up some of Benazeraf’s films for American distribution; they’re definitely birds of a feather — and what exotic plumage they share!

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