Sexy Cat (1973) watch euro trash


Directed by: Julio Pérez Tabernero
Stars: Germán Cobos, Dyanik Zurakowska, Lone Fleming
Language: English
Country: Spain

Also known as: Agriogates tou sex ti nyhta

DescriptionA movie crew shooting a film featuring a comic-strip hero named The Sexy Cat finds itself stalked by a serial killer who begins murdering the cast and crew.

Actor turned director, Julio Perez Tabernero maybe should have remained an actor for this low budget item is pretty poorly put together. Nevertheless it is not as bad as I feared it might be and at least my print is pristine. More a slasher than a giallo although the kills are much and varied. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first but loved the snake and the plastic bag both of which were well done sequences,nicely edited. German Cobos in the lead role is good but his opposite number in the police is terrible, whilst the girls are a mixed lot although they do all look nice and have minimal clothing that just seems to fall off. Very much a murder by numbers exercise though the adult comic strip element does provide the opportunity for some rather splendid artwork and matching real life costumes as would be expected in this early 70s Latin exploration effort. Nothing special but watchable enough and has a couple of unusual elements.

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