Siesta (1987) watch uncut


Directed by: Mary Lambert
Actors: Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: La siesta de los amantes, Siesta – en erotisk rejse

Description: A young woman named Claire wakes up on the runway at the airport. Her red dress in the blood , and she realizes with horror that she had amnesia . In the chaos , she runs the Spanish city, recalling the events of the last days : the arrival in Spain, rock lover , his wife …

Just want to say – the movie is definitely not for everyone. This arthouse . Personally, I have remained unclear after viewing experience. On the one hand like it, but on the other – no. Memorable than the first film – is exotic . Spanish beautiful landscapes , mesmerizing music , and indeed , the whole atmosphere makes ” siesta ” intriguing. That is , it basically dominates and storyline. Developments are also quite spectacular. Heroine Ellen Barkin is desperately searching for the truth , trying to understand what happened to her …

But what lies behind her stay ? Nothing! All the events on screen begs quite a different outcome, and not the one contradicting the entire storyline, which is presented here . “Siesta” – the author’s cinema , so it should carry some special meaning. The meaning of this film is the same: love – Blood – carrots. Sadly , and this picture is not very refined with a touch of melodrama detective. Here is everything you need for a template love stories: Gorgeous blonde, bored husband , rock lover, his vixen wife … And if you add to this set of Spanish scenery, the atmosphere of uncertainty , inappropriate nudity here and there , you get a “Siesta” .

Of course , the film is exciting , interesting. For directorial debut , it certainly is good , as devoid of any major flaws . However , besides the professional shortcomings , there is also a story . Here they were too little, but they are quite extensive , so some , because of a couple of moments , this movie may not like it. “Siesta” – a movie on the fan, but it is dominated by “commercial fragments .” The film is not so complicated , what may seem , but not particularly easy to understand its not everyone can.

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