Sinners (1990) watch uncut


Directed by: Charles T. Kanganis
Stars: Joe Palese, Robert Gallo, Wendy MacDonald
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description: Love is in the air in a small Italian neighborhood of New York. But, is it safe to cheat on your wife, with your cousin, whose brother owns a shotgun and whose hobby is blowing up cars?

This is one of those “so bad it’s hilarious” films. it’s ridden with completely odd and nonsensical dialogues, scenes which make no sense and some of the most hilariously dumb lines i’ve heard in a long time.

Recommended for lovers of bad films.


Notable scenes of hilarity: – An alcoholic man beats his wife to death in a bar. The bartender does nothing and the womans body is left to rot in the corner while the husband continues drinking, but when the protagonist of the film runs in to beat up the husband, the bartender suddenly “springs into action” and asks the protagonist to stop because “he’s done nothing wrong.”

-The sister of one the main characters goes on a suggested “date” with her cousin. Hilarity apparently ensues in this completely odd scene where the man in a series of awkward cuts consistently asks if she would like to get nearer the lake. (they start off miles away).

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