Smash Palace (1982) watch online


Directed by: Roger Donaldson
Actors: Bruno Lawrence, Anna Maria Monticelli, Greer Robson
Language: English | French
Country: New Zealand

Also known as: Acorralado en el infierno,Ei onnea ilman sinua,O kynigimenos,Roncspalota,Os Degraus do Paraíso,Smash Palace – Keine Chance für Al

Description: Smash Palace is one of the great films of the 80’s mixing a tale of a marriage gone bad with the husband (wonderfully played by Bruno Lawrence) barred from seeing his daughter and eventually taking her on his own until she becomes ill in their forest hideaway and dad finds himself taking a hostage at gunpoint as the police surround him. The film really makes you question the actions he takes and wonder if you’d have acted any different. There’s also a quite machismo scene suggesting the old  macho view that a good screw will fix anything. An amazing piece of work by a director who moved on to hollywood films and never made another film of this quality and richness again.

Life Ala Show revolves around the races and all the time he spends at the dump of old cars, which he calls the «Smash Palace». His wife is French Jackie suffers from a lack of attention to her, as El too keen on cars. When al Jackie finds in the arms of another man, he picks up his daughter and sent her into the country, desperately hoping to keep the family together.

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