Snuff aka American Cannibale (1975) watch online


Directed by: Michael Findlay
Actors: Margarita Amuchástegui, Ana Carro and Liliana Fernández Blanco
Language: English
Country: Argentina | USA | Canada

Also known as: Big Snuff, El ángel de la muerte

Description: The story revolves around a group of hippies, led by a young man nicknamed “Satan”, and whose subordinate are four girls with whom he sleeps with whom he arranges bloody games, torturing each other, with whom he engaged in drug trafficking and murder. Michael Findlay, the maker of Snuff movie, also directed Daughters of Lesbos.

This movie was a struggle to sit through due to its extremely slow first half. Things do finally pick up when a new girl joins up with the wannabe Manson family and starts telling her tale. After that, we just see a lot of silliness and a great scene at a general store in which the women murder everyone there. Look for the girl in the scene whose mother has just been murdered because her acting is priceless. Finally, the end of the movie is really what makes it all worth while. The director in the end tries to simulate an actual murder. The results are silly for todays standards but was still pretty nifty looking with a pair of clippers chopping off fingers and ripping out guts. I liked it, even if it was fake.

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