Some Like It Sexy (1969) watch online


Directed by:  Donovan Winter
Actors:  Erika Bergmann, Penny Riley, Christopher Matthews
Language: English
Country: UK

Also known as: Come Back Peter, Gyrna piso, Peter, Diario intimo di un garzone di macelleria, Afternoon Delight, Model Girl, Peter’s Pets, Seducer, Twins, Flesh and Love – Die hungrigen Mädchen

Some like it hot is curiously watchable due to its rough hand held camera approach to filmmaking, endless attempts to wed almost all the action with the title song (plus some surprising top 40 material) and many nostalgic London locales. There’s also some low lease surrealism- most noteworthy is the method Peter’s conquests are inter cut with scenes of meat being cut up, for some dubious un-pc symbolism. Fans of Hammer films will no doubt be aghast to discover twin sisters Mary and Madeleine Collinson the stars of Twins of Evil in some fairly scandalous scenes. There’s much kitsch value because well with the unavoidable mindbending LSD sequence and Winter’s dedicated follower of fashion, rivaling Austin Powers in his choice of Carnaby Street fashions. The movie wasn’t released until two years after it was made, apparently in its initial variation it was not specific enough and Winter had to take some crude `sexy’ inserts utilizing really obvious human body increases to make certain a purchase.

AKA “Come right back, Peter” – great shots of 60’s Swinging London, crazy mouth on the Jaguar and early appearances by Hammer starlettes: a very youthful Madeleine Smith as well as the Collinson Twins.
Fantastic opening credits sequence to this intersting mix of late 60s swinging London and 70s sex comedies that would becomes so popluar. Opening with shots of Sloane Square then an extensive driving sequence down Kings path. Directed by Donovan Winter and featuring Christopher Matthews. This has elements of Alfie, Blow Up and the Rob Askwith Confessions.. movies all mix up together.

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