Spermula (1976) watch UNCUT online


Directed by: Charles Matton
Stars: Dayle Haddon, Udo Kier, François Dunoyer
Language: French | Subtitles: English
Country: France

Also known as: L’amour est un fleuve en Russie

Description: A notorious secret society known as Spermula plans to return from the future and conquer Earth by neutering the male population.

This refers to the original French film, “L’Amour est un fleuve en Russie” [Love is a River in Russia]- a superior film to the English dubbed “Spermula” which is more widely known. English subtitles are available that make this film more accessible. Plot: In the 1930’s, a notorious secret society known as Spermula – centered around the “rapture of being” achieved through a total liberation of the senses – disappeared from “civilized society.” They were rumored to have developed supernatural powers. Over time they have honed their powers, and put in motion a plan to return from the future and conquer the world that once exiled them. An elite force of commandos – in the guise of several beautiful females – are charged with the task of neutering the male population. This is to be achieved by extracting the male reproductive fluids (orally) – allowing the decadent human race to eventually die off from natural attrition. Ingrid (Dayle Haddon), leading the Spermulan assault, sets about …

Anti-sexual aliens from a dying planet exact a wild invasion plot by disguising themselves as beautiful women. Taking residence in a Gothic style castle, they proceed to put into motion their sinister strategem of sucking Earth men dry(no, not blood, kiddies), thus quashing Earthly reproduction practices and rendering our planet theirs for the taking. A monkey-wrench is thrown into their plan when they begin to enjoy their dirty work.

Surprisingly high-style film is simultaneously erotic and riotous, and featuring some of the most stellar beauties of 1970s European exploitation cinema. Udo Kier is on hand as well in one of his typically bizarre roles, as the alien who “accidentally” emerges in the body of a male.

Frustratingly difficult to acquire(especially in a watchable transfer), SPERMULA is a great looking, fun, and deliberately absurd novelty which will hopefully be given a first-class DVD release at some point in the near future… it deserves one.

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