Stoney (1969) watch online


Directed by: Wray Davis
Stars: Michael Preston, Barbara Bouchet, Michael Rennie
Language: English
Country: Philippines

Also known as:  Surabaya Conspiracy, The Gold Seekers

DescriptionTwo teams of con artists attempt to steal a stash of gold bullion, hidden in the swimming pool of a wealthy Filipino despot.

Featuring some spots of dirt and lines that show signs of its Grindhouse origins, Code Red present a good transfer, with the soundtrack being clean and “rougher” moments of the picture quality appearing to be re-inserted footage in the otherwise smooth transfer. Done during a challenging (to put it mildly)time in the Philippines, the screenplay by Walter Anton White is surprisingly direct in the troubles of the time when adapting James M. Fox,as all plans for the heist have to be made,with the trigger-happy military in mind.

Whilst she is placed to be the main focus, White disappointing gives little spark to the characteristics of Stone,that leaves the heist and danger of dealing with the army lacking much sense of excitement. Greatly helped by the leading lady, director Wray Davis finds zest lacking in the script with a peculiar directing style matching the blinking of eyes (!) and a moody freeze-frame final. Looking very sexy in chic costumes, Barbara Bouchet gives a very good performance as Stoney,whose flirting Bouchet twirls into calculating ways to get hold of Stoney’s stones.

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