Stormswept (1995) watch online


Directed by:  David I. Frazer
Actors: Justin Carroll, Kathleen Kinmont, Melissa Moore
Language: English
Country: USA

Description of Stormswept movie:  In this erotic, bloody horror movie, set in an abandoned Louisiana mansion which has recently been put up for sale,  a realtor, Dottie,  whose agency has the listing on the property,  knows that the mansion has a violent, bloody past.  Nevertheless, she rents the mansion  for a month to a beautiful young actress, Brianna Dashwood, who has been shooting a movie nearby.   Once she moves into the mansion,  Brianna begins to hear voices but allows a group of her  friends from the movie to spend the night in the mansion anyway..  Thinking that the mansion is wonderful, they shoot a scene for a movie there.  While they are doing so,  Dottie  tries to leave, but is unable to do  so because  a storm has made the road impassible. Trapped by the storm, the group must deal with the spirits of the house, which foment erotic behavior.

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