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Directed by: Jerome Gary
Stars: Janette Boyd, Sara Costa, Kimberly Holcomb, Loree Menton, Lisa Suarez, Ellen Claire McSweeney
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description:  The background: A strippers’ convention and a major contest. The movie focuses on a few strippers, each with her own strong motive to win.

This is a docu-story about exotic dancers who will compete for the Golden G-String award in Vegas. Women who at one point or another were a model, showgirl, actress, dancer, or porn star – turned highly skilled exotic dancer. Enough to compete seriously for this golden title, and finally achieve the self-respect they’ve dreamed of. And taken seriously for their unconventional lifestyle. Each one completely psyched up to win that trophy, while pretending to engage ‘sisterhood’ in the green room.

The bare nudity really being their pained souls, as the bulk of them survived no-so-desirable – or broken homes, they left behind. Just trying to get ahead, and be someone, and respected, in a crazy, unfair world. Where women were still perceived (and treated) as the “weaker sex”…

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