Summer Night Fever (1978) watch online


Directed by:  Sigi Rothemund
Actors: Stéphane Hillel, Olivia Pascal, Claus Obalski
Language: English
Country: West Germany

Also known as: Disco Summer, Febbre nelle notti d’estate, Dans la chaleur des nuits d’été, Febre das Noites de Verão, Febbre nelle notti d’estate, Hot Summer Night Fever, Keskiyön huuma, Thilykos sanatas tou erota, Vrocica letne noci, Yaz Gecesi Atesi.

Description: Here is a an English dubbed version of the classic Pascal sex comedy. The quality is terrible, but perhaps a fandub could be made with the better version.

Two friends want to spend their holidays during the summer by picking up some girls. But one the boys needs to take his sister (Olivia Pascal who also played in Bloody Moon and Vanessa) with them. He afraids that she may spoil everything, but in result everything goes fine,

The English-language title here is rather unfortunate since, aside from a few disco scenes, this is actually a very different movie from the big Hollywood film “Saturday Night Fever” (and I actually liked it better). This German movie may have been inspired by the contemporary Israeli/West German “Lemon Popsicle” films. But whereas those movies were often set in the 50’s and focused on teen characters trying to “lose it”, this film is set in the swinging 70’s where free-wheeling teenage sex is pretty much taken for granted.

Two teen buddies head off for a holiday in Ibiza, Spain. One of of them has to bring along his shy,virginal sister. On holiday, the friends have quite a reversal of sexual fortunes–the shy, wallflower ends up having a ridiculous amount of sex while the smooth ladies’ man has difficulty scoring, but does find himself falling in love with his friend’s initially gawky sister (perhaps not too surprising since she’s played by the very gorgeous Olivia Pascal).

Obviously, the main point of this film is to get a lot of sexy girls naked. And at that it certainly succeeds. The younger girls, Pascal and Betty Virges, were in any number of films like this in the late 70’s (“The Fruit is Ripe”, “Vanessa”,etc.), but this one of the best I’ve seen. Some of the “older” actresses (like one character’s math teacher, who he manages to score with), meanwhile, were veterans of the early 70’s German “sex report” films. And fairly famous Italian actor Gianni Garko even shows up in a small role. This movie is more successful than most of its ilk because the young characters are likable and fairly believable (except for Pascal as a gawky virgin at the beginning). The (mostly non-disco)songs are also kind of catchy, and they surprisingly include Jerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street”, which became a BIG hit in America (and will make any legitimate release of this on DVD pretty legally dicey). And once again we have a character in a German sex comedy wearing an illicit Mickey Mouse t-shirt (what was with that, anyway?).Still, this is a surprisingly entertaining and likable movie and I’d like to see it not be consigned to the dustbin of celluloid history.

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