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Directed by: Joe Sherman
Stars: Desiree Cousteau, Jesie St. James, Sharon Kane, Starr Wood
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: Damon Christian’s Ms. Magnificent

Description: Superhero Ms. Magnificent does two things well. One of them is flying. While patrolling one night, she finds Charles, a soul in distress. She helps him have a reason to not jump off a tall building. Later her everyday disguise as LA Times reporter, Linda Kent, she learns that her intergalactic arch-enemy, Kreeta Borgia, is bringing her spacecraft to Earth with the intention of world dominance. Borgia lands her monstrous ship in the Burbank, CA Safeway parking lot and tries to draw Ms. Magnificent in by kidnapping her boyfriend John. Linda’s fellow LA Times colleague Lois Lay goes to interview Jake, John’s neighbor, for clues to his disappearance.
Meanwhile, Kreeta goes to place an ad with Clark and ends up kidnapping him, too. Everyone is eventually drawn into the spacecraft. John has gotten loose after entertaining on of Kreeta’s assistants. He tries to free everyone and accidentally activates a launch sequence. Everyone except Kreeta and her two co-pilots exit before the ship screams into the sky, taking the villainess back into deep space.

One thought on “Superwoman (1979) watch online

  1. Jessie St James is able to leap tall buildings at a single bound in this amiable spoof. The tone is set when she rescues a suicidal man and realizes she needs to (ahem) give him something that will make life worth living again. The middle part of the movie has a lot of funny stuff, then the amount of sex increases as we get into the final act (best line of this reel is “No, don’t take it out!”).
    Two thing of note – first the disappointingly small amount of screen time for Desiree Cousteau (one of my favorite 1970s porn stars), and secondly the obvious ways that the name Superwoman and her logo have been edited out (presumably to appease DC Comics’ lawyers). But all in all, a lot of fun.

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