Sweet Kill aka The Arousers (1972) watch online


Directed by: Curtis Hanson
Actors: Tab Hunter, Cherie Latimer, Nadyne Turney, Isabel Jewell, Linda Leider and Roberta Collins
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: A Kiss from Eddie, Sensualidad morbosa, Sensualità morbosa, Sweet Kill, The Arousers

Description of Sweet Kill movie: Eddie Collins – an attractive man, but not capable of an intimate relationship with a woman. However Eddie quickly realizes that he has problems arise only when dealing with a real woman, and with all the dead goes like clockwork.

Sweet Kill AKA The Arousers is a pretty typical 1970’s Exploitation film that takes some of the more basic ideas explored in earlier films like Psycho and Peeping Tom and cranking the sex and violence up, taking advantage of the loosening of censorship standards.

Sadly though this film isn’t really good or even all that interesting. It’s about a high school coach named Eddie who has trouble getting aroused, so whenever he’s in a situation where he is about to have sex with a woman, he ends up killing her instead, which happens quite a bit for the well-built and charming Eddie. And that’s honestly about it has this is a meandering, lazy film that simply does not explore the ideas the film has.

Instead, Sweet Kill is more than content to sit back and try to make its sleaze factor make this film interesting. And while this is a sleazy film and has quite a bit of nudity, especially during the pre-title sequences, it really isn’t THAT sleazy.

It’s not enough to be all that impressive to Exploitation fans and it certainly isn’t enough to make Sweet Kill much more than an occasionally interesting, but overall dull and unfocused early 1970’s attempt at stuff that would be later taken to the extreme and done far better in the likes of films such as Maniac and Don’t Go in the House.

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