Sweet Sugar (1972) Watch Online

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Directed by: Michel Levesque
Actors: Phyllis Davis Ella Edwards, Pamela Collins , Angus Duncan, Timothy Brown, Cliff Osmond, Angus Duncan
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Hellfire On Ice, She Devils In Chains, Chaingang Girls, Captive Women 3

Description: This one might not be my favorite of the WIP’s I’ve seen, but it’s waaay up there near the top, probably due to the fact that it seems to break most of the established rules for a WIP flick. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s got the incredibly gorgeous Phyllis Davis (whom I personally prefer as a brunette here, rather than the blonde ‘do she had in Terminal Island and Pam Collins. Included are the trailer and a collection of outtakes of Phyllis Davis, generally of the nekkid variety.

A prostitute called Babe has been substituted by a corrupt politician, who was using her. To avoid a lengthy prison sentence, she is forced to become a member of cruel medical experiments conducted at the camp by Dr. John – sadist …

“Sweet Sugar” aka “She-Devils in Chains” (1972) is a classic tropical “Women in Prison” sexploitation film starring gorgeous Phyllis Davis as the titular Sugar. There’s even a Pam Grier look-alike as this was most likely inspired by Roger Corman’s “The Big Bird Cage” and “Bamboo Doll House“.

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