Sisters of Death (1976) watch online


Directed by: Joe Mazzuca (as Joseph A. Mazzuca) Actors: Arthur Franz, Claudia Jennings, Cheri Howell Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Sisters of Death ,Death Trap , Death Time, Death Time House, Todliche Spiele Description: 5 mysterious and sexy women who once were members of a secret society, unexpectedly invited to a reunion […]

Truck Stop Women (1974) watch uncut

MoCuishle 2

Directed by: Mark L. Lester Stars: Claudia Jennings, Lieux Dressler, John Martino Language: English Country: Usa Description: A mother and daughter who run a brothel for truckers fight back when the Mafia tries to take over their operation. A great piece of early 70’s film: this gem has it all. Some […]

The Single Girls (1974) watch online


Directed by: Beverly Sebastian and Ferd Sebastian Actors: Claudia Jennings, Jean Marie Ingels, Cheri Howell and Joan Prather Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Bloody Friday, Private School Description: A group of men and girls travel to a Carribean resort to discover themselves sexually but unfortunately one of them has also discovered […]

Unholy Rollers (1972) watch online


Directed by: Vernon Zimmerman Actors: Claudia Jennings, Louis Quinn, Betty Anne Rees Language: English Country: USA Also known as: I teleftaia strofi tou thanatou, La carrera salvaje, Leader of the Pack, Rollerfieber, Una ragazza violenta Description: Another rare Claudia Jennings favorite. Unholy Rollers” is even better than “Gator Bait” & “The Great Texas Dynamite Chase”.  I’ve seen a […]

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976) watch online


Directed by:  Stephanie Rothman Actors: Victoria Vetri, Aimée Eccles, Solomon Sturges Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Toplu Sevisme, Matrimonio di gruppo Description: It seems like a match made in Exploitation Heaven: Roger Corman’s only female protege Stephanie Rothman (TERMINAL ISLAND, THE STUDENT NURSES, THE WORKING GIRLS) directing drive-in queen Claudia Jennings (GATOR BAIT, TRUCK STOP […]

Gator Bait (1974) watch UNCUT

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Directed by: Beverly Sebastian, Ferd Sebastian Actors: Claudia Jennings, Sam Gilman, Douglas Dirkson, Clyde Ventura, Bill Thurman Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Hetzjagd im Sumpf, I agriogata, Blodhævn, Alligaattoriansa Description: Desiree lives deep in the swamp and supports herself and her siblings by poaching. Ben and deputy Billy […]