Obsessions (1969) watch uncut


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Weekend with the Babysitter (1970) watch UNCUT


Re-Touched and Enhanced Picture Quality as HD by SleazeMovies.com for our paid member (Caldeon) If you have any special movie requirement , come and get your Ultimate Membership on SleazeMovies.com Directed by: Don Henderson, Actors: George E. Carey, Susan Romen, James Almanzar Language: English Country: USA |  Imdb Info Also known as: Weekend […]

Dead Ringers (1988) watch uncut


Directed by: David Cronenberg Stars: Jeremy Irons,  Geneviève Bujold,  Heidi von Palleske Language: English Country: Canada | IMDB Info Description: The Mantle brothers are both doctors – both gynecologists – and identical twins. Mentally however, one of them is more confident than the other, and always manages to seduce the […]

Footprints on the Moon (1975) watch online


Directed by: Luigi Bazzoni, Mario Fanelli Stars: Florinda Bolkan, Peter McEnery, Nicoletta Elmi Language: English Country: Italy Also known as: Footprints, La Orme Description: The translator Alice Cespi has nightmares with an astronaut left alone on the moon and is addicted in sleeping pills. When she goes to work, she is fired […]

Toxic Love (1983) watch online


Directed by: Claudio Caligari Stars: Cesare Ferretti, Michela Mioni, Enzo Di Benedetto Language: Italian | Subtitles: English Country: Italy Also known as: Amore tossico Description: The alienating and repetitive life of a group of heroin junkies in the 1980s Rome. “Amore Tossico”(1983) directed by Claudio Caligari is an unforgettable and sometimes funny […]

Lustful Addiction (1969) watch online


Directed by: Nick Millard Stars: Justine D’Ore Language: English Country: Usa Also known as: A Couple of Trouble Description: Ruby is a hot young wife looking for kicks and raunchy pleasures anywhere she can find them. First it’s with Johnny the Pusher, and she uses her tight little body like a knockout […]

Confessions of a Campus Virgin (1979) watch online


Year: 1979 Directed by: Walter Boos Actors: Marco Kröger, Katja Bienert , Ingeborg Steinbach Language: Funny Dubbed English Country: West Germany Also known as: Die Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo,| Confessions of a Sixth Form Virgin, Train Station Pickups Description: Directed by sleaze merchant Walter Boos. Deals with various teenagers who hang around the train […]

Andy Warhol’s Trash (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: Paul Morrissey Actors: Joe Dallesandro, Holly Woodlawn, Geri Miller Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Andy Warhol’s Trash, Roskaa, Trash – i rifiuti di New York, Skoupidia Description: The story of Joe [Dallesandro] and his lover-protector, Holly [Woodlawn], who is something to behold, a comic book Mother Courage who fancies herself […]

The Big Snatch (1971) watch UNCUT

MoCuishle 3

CAUTION ! Extremly Exclipt Porn Scenes !!! Country: USA Language: English Director: Mark Hunter Starring: Joan Boote, Lee Fix, Mike Maloney Description: We meet Harry Keller, a junkie thief who stalks the alleyways of New York City looking for victims to feed his habit. However when he jumps the wrong […]