In the Castle of Bloody Desires (1968) watch UNCUT

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Directed by: Adrian Hoven Stars: Janine Reynaud, Howard Vernon, Elvira Berndorff Language: English Country: Germany Also known as: Im Schloß der blutigen Begierde, Castle of the Creeping Flesh, Castle of Bloody Lust Description: In an ancient castle, a mad scientist is trying to revive his dead daughter by an operation, but there […]

The Bloody Judge (1969) Watch Uncut


Directed by: Jesus Franco Actors: Christopher Lee, Maria Schell and Leo Genn Language: English Country:  Liechtenstein | Italy | Spain | West Germany Also known as: Il trono di fuoco | Der Hexentöter von Blackmoor |Throne of the Blood Monster | El juez sangriento Description: The infamous Jess Franco, whose output at the time of writing totaled close to […]