Killing Spree (1987) watch online


Directed by: Tim Ritter Actors: Asbestos Felt, Courtney Lercara, Raymond Carbone Language: English Country: USA Also known as: I Will Dance on Your Grave: Killing Spree, Delirio Description of Killing Spree movie: Family life newlyweds Tom and Lisa develops not very successful due to the fact that the pathologically jealous husband begins to physically eliminate all potential […]

Killing for Love (1995) watch uncut


Directed by: Mike Kesey Actors:  Jay Richardson, Alex Demir, Lisa Hasslehurst Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Matando por Amor, Roteiro da Morte, Viettely kuolemaan Description: A bunch of film people, manager, film writer, producer, stars and actresses meet for a week-end at an isolated home. Proceedings soon begin to match the […]

Island of Death (1977) watch online


< div class=”panel-body content_body”> < div class=”meta-value”> Directed by: Nico Mastorakis Actors: Robert Behling, Jane Lyle and Jessica Dublin Language: English Country: USA / Greece Also known as: Devils in Mykonos, Ta paidia tou Diavolou, A Craving for Lust, Cruel Destination, Destination – Il leggero fruscio della follia, Devil’s Island – Die Insel des Schreckens, Die Teuflischen von Mykonos, Island […]

Killing of the Dolls (1975) watch online

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Directed by: Miguel Madrid (as Michael Skaife) Actors: David Rocha, Inma de Santis, Helga Liné Language: Spanish (English Sub) Country: Spain Also known as: El asesino de muñecas (original title) Description: Paul was raised as a girl after his sister died. He has been collecting dolls ever since. But that has left him troubled and […]

The Killing Kind (1973) UNCUT watch online


Directed by: Curtis Harrington Actors: Ann Sothern, John Savage and Ruth Roman Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Asesino de categoria | Origine di una perversione | Raça Maldita | Von mörderischer Art Description: Here’s another twisted sick gem from Curtis Harrington (Whats The Matter With Helen, Games, Night Tide). This one stars Ann Southern, […]

Hannie Caulder (1971) watch online


Directed by: Burt Kennedy Actors: Raquel Welch, Robert Culp, Ernest Borgnine, Christopher Lee Language: English Country: UK Also known as: Ana Caulder, Un colt pour trois salopards, In einem Sattel mit dem Tod Description: Brothers Clemens, known criminals broke into the ranch, where lived Hannie Caulder and her husband. Her husband was killed, the house was […]